Controlling Bipolar Mood Disorders

Controlling Bipolar Mood Disorders

By changing to the bipolar diet [designed for people with a Bipolar disorder] you can stabilize your mood and prevent mood swings, another bonus of this diet is weight loss and increased More »

Quit Smoking and Eat Booster Foods to Limit Your Cravings

Quit Smoking and Eat Booster Foods to Limit Your Cravings

I am sure at least 99.9% of all smokers regret ever starting. Not only does it affect a person’s health but it also causes tooth decay and can cause a person to More »

Tips on How to Stick to a Health Diet

Tips on How to Stick to a Health Diet

There are a hundred diets out there. But not all of them are good for your health. Be especially wary of those that say that you can loose up to 10 lbs More »

Health Diet Easing the Pain of Different

Health Diet Easing the Pain of Different

Using the term arthritis we describe over 100 existing conditions that can cause pain, stiffness and inflammation in one or more of our joints and all of them can benefit by eating More »

Eating for Health

Eating for Health

Researches and studies have always been conflicted about the role of diet in controlling the symptoms of ADHD in teens. Some researches claim that it’s not the diet that is making the More »

Tips on How to Stick to a Health Diet

There are a hundred diets out there. But not all of them are good for your health. Be especially wary of those that say that you can loose up to 10 lbs in one week. That is just crazy – not to mention dangerous. You will just end up losing water weight and a lot of muscle. And muscle is a lot harder to gain back. Loosing weight the right way takes time. Fat is not as easily shed from the body as water and muscle. You really have to exercise and eat healthy for this to happen. We see it happen all the time. People start out resolutely but just after a few days they give up. It is not easy to change your eating habits. But it can be done. Here are four tips on how to stick to a healthy diet.

  1. Savor your meals. Make eating a fun and relaxing experience. Share it with a friend or use it to bond with your family. Eating with someone will let you enjoy the meal longer and take your focus off

Health Diet The Importance of a Good Diet

Sufferers of asthma – you can reduce the frequency and severity of your attacks!

How – they ask?

As we all know, our diet plays an important role in all the major health problems we face, the following information is a guideline for the asthmatics out there. While it might work for most of you there will be others that do not get the same results.

By changing your diet you can help reduce the hyperactivity of your immune cells, thus making them less responsive to allergens and air pollution. By increasing your intake of certain nutrients you can neutralize the production of free radicals and this could reduce the attacks and improve your lung function.

A diet high in vegetable oil, salt and hardly any fruit and vegetables will increase the asthma severity and frequency, whereas a diet high in vegetables, fruit and fish will lower these asthmatic problems.

What you need to eat

1) Fresh fruits – these are high in vitamin C and E,

Health Diet Controlling Pancreatitis

The pancreas is a pretty vital organ, it creates enzymes – which aid in the digestion of food, and insulin – which controls the blood sugar level. Located just behind the stomach, it is vital to keep this important gland healthy to help prevent pancreatitis [acute or chronic inflammation] as pancreatitis can cause mild to severe damage to the pancreas, which in turn prevents the correct enzymes/insulin from being produced, thus stopping the nutrients the body needs from being absorbed, health diet tips.

Acute/chronic pancreatitis explained

Acute pancreatitis is sudden and severe [can cause tissue damage and bleeding], lasting for days and generally never returns if treated correctly. Commonly caused by gallstones, mild cases of this condition can be eased and cured with the correct diet.

Whereas chronic pancreatitis can be severe, last for days and reoccur at will – even with the correct medical treatment. This type of inflammation can cause severe tissue damage and bleeding in and around the organ [causing abscesses, cyst-like pockets and inflammation which spreads quickly]. Usually caused

Controlling Bipolar Mood Disorders

By changing to the bipolar diet [designed for people with a Bipolar disorder] you can stabilize your mood and prevent mood swings, another bonus of this diet is weight loss and increased energy levels.

What is Bipolar disorder?

This is a condition involving cycles of depression, elation and mania and can cause the occurrence of mood swings, these mood swings – be it depression, elation or mania – can range from high to low and vice-versa in a matter of minutes but generally tend to be gradual.

There are 6 simple and essential rules with regards to the diet:

1) Increase your folic acid intake [one of 3 proven nutrients that assist with this problem]. You will find this nutrient in most vegetables, especially the leafy folate ones [cabbage and brussel sprouts spring to mind]

2) Low fat proteins [like fish, poultry and lean meat] are essential, as it is known that proteins improve both moods and alertness. Bipolar people often need to boost their critical ‘neurotransmitters’ and the protein they have consumed stimulates the production of some of the most

Quit Smoking and Eat Booster Foods to Limit Your Cravings

I am sure at least 99.9% of all smokers regret ever starting. Not only does it affect a person’s health but it also causes tooth decay and can cause a person to smell like a full ashtray.

Most smokers have tried to give up this nasty habit at least once, only to find that the self control they thought they had was not as strong as they wanted it to be. Nicotine is very addictive and smokers can fail in their attempt to give up with just one puff. I know when I am stressed, worried, sad or angry I reach for my cigarettes, this prevents me from finally giving up the nasty habit [I personally have tried to give up more than most].

There are some booster foods out there that can assist in easing the withdrawal and stress of giving up, I have surfed around and found a few that have actually helped me.

What are booster foods and liquids

These are foods/liquids that are high in nutrients and have a very beneficial effect on our bodies [I have given a few examples below but if you feel you need more info you can surf the web for hours and find all

Health Diet Easing the Pain of Different

Using the term arthritis we describe over 100 existing conditions that can cause pain, stiffness and inflammation in one or more of our joints and all of them can benefit by eating a healthy well balanced diet which will ease the pain. This article deals with the more common conditions as there are to many to focus on.

The different types of arthritis we will focus on are the common but very painful gout, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis and neither of them can be cured by diet changes, but we can ease the condition by eating certain types of foods and avoiding others. An example is that fish oils help with most arthritic conditions, while gout benefits by avoiding alcohol and certain meats and there are supplements like glucosamine and chondroitin that will ease the symptoms of osteoarthritis but none of the other forms of arthritis.

A person with any type of arthritis should:

1) Eat a well balanced diet
2) Increase their calcium intake [thus reducing the risk of osteoporosis in later life]
3) Avoid fasting and crash diets
4) Drink plenty of fluids and avoid

Eating for Health

Researches and studies have always been conflicted about the role of diet in controlling the symptoms of ADHD in teens. Some researches claim that it’s not the diet that is making the difference in controlling the symptoms but the structure involved in planning the diet. There are many researchers who have found significant correlation to the lessening of ADHD symptoms when some types of foods are avoided. The truth of the matter is that one cannot simply overlook the effect of diet elimination to the people whose lives are improved by it.

Medication is an important part of controlling the symptoms of ADHD, but it’s not effective to rely on this alone. This is why it is important to work with a doctor in order to approach this in a more holistic way. Medication combined with therapy (individual and family therapy sessions) as well as a diet determined by elimination can be very helpful in effectively controlling the symptoms of ADHD. Elimination diet is important because according to research, some foods affect different people in different ways. For example, some people see a significant improvement when they eliminate red food coloring in their

Health Diets The BRAT, BRATT, BRATTY Diet for Gastrointestinal

Sounding like a fad diet straight from Hollywood, this diet was actually developed to help with various types of gastrointestinal problems such as with gastroenteritis, diarrhea, and dyspepsia. Historically prescribed to patients with the above problems, this diet basically consists of bland foods that are low in fibre – the low fibre is recommended as foods high in fibre can cause excess gas and worsen the gastrointestinal problems.

Remember this diet was designed to suit specific stomach conditions and not as a weight loss program.

What does BRAT, BRATT or BRATTY mean?

BRAT is a acronym for bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. BRATT is for bananas, rice, applesauce toast and tea. BRATTY stands for bananas, rice, applesauce, toast, tea and yogurt. These are the foods recommended to prevent a increase in gastrointestinal problems and can in some cases cure them.

Eat a few bananas. Bananas are a bland fruit that can be constipating, a good thing for diarrhea.

Eat some rice. Rice is bland and well tolerated and likely to not cause nausea.

Eat applesauce.

Health Diet Gall Bladder Problems

Explaining the gall bladder

This little organ is slightly pear shaped and is found just under the liver. It works in conjunction with our liver and is the storage place for bile [this is a product produced by our liver]. Bile [yellow/brown/greenish in color, containing water, fats, protein, bilirubin, bile salts and cholesterol] is released to aid with the digestion of our food as it passes from our stomach into our small intestine. When the gall bladder is not functioning properly we can have some serious digestive problems.

Explaining gallstones

These are crystallized cholesterol and bile salts, they can range from a pin head up to thumbnail in size [some have even been a lot bigger than that] and usually a dark brown in color, though this can vary. Millions of people get gallstones and a few lucky ones don’t experience any pain at all while others suffer mild to severe pain in the abdomen [this is caused by the gall bladder attempting to release the stones into the small intestine]. Women tend to suffer with this condition more than men – generally caused by hormone replacement

Health Dieting to Help Eliminate

Everybody [especially teenagers] hates this skin problem. some get really bad acne which can result in scarring while others just get a mild case. Either way we do need to look at our diet and change our thought process when it comes to eradicating these awful blemishes and pimples.

Though there is some debate as to whether changing to a acne free diet actually works, there is enough support out there for it to be realistic as there is enough evidence proving that what we eat may affect our skin [we are what we eat!].

Changes needed in our diet

Diet alone will not clear up any acne problems [but it helps], you will also need to get into the habit of cleaning and moisturizing you skin at least twice a day.

Avoid or limit the following:

  • peanut products
  • fried foods
  • dairy
  • salt
  • refined sugars
  • high carb foods
  • highly processed foods

Not all of the above mentioned foods will increase you acne, some people are more sensitive than others and therefore will have a breakout. Try eliminating one at a time and see if it helps clear your skin, I am sure you have noticed that after a

Health Diets The DASH Diet for Control of High Blood Pressure

This diet was specifically developed to aid the individuals with high blood pressure, known as hypertension in the medical world. DASH – “Dietary approaches to stop hypertension” – has become very popular over the years in aiding individuals to control their blood pressure [which is one of the primary causes of heart disease] and has the honor of receiving recommendations from several health institutes.

A side effect of this diet is weight loss, this is due to the healthier eating patterns a person goes on in a attempt to control their blood pressure.

About DASH diet

The DASH diet aims at:

* Lowering the daily intake of sodium [salt]:
sodium increases blood pressure, so therefore by lowering their daily intake a person can control their hypertension. It is recommended that the sodium intake be lowered to below 3mg to 2mg per day, with lower than 2mg being the optimal amount.

* Avoiding processed foods:
these generally contain high sodium, preservatives and fat.
Processed foods are foods that have been altered from their natural state, this is generally for our convenience but

Healthful Diet Rule

The human race evolved on the foods that were available – plants and animals that were gathered and hunted. Our bodies adapted to use the nutrients available in these foods. In the last few thousand years, humans learned to cultivate foods to make their supply more reliable and convenient, but domesticated plants and animals still contain all the nutrients of their wild predecessors. The healthiest diet for humans contains a wide variety of plants; usually has whole grains and beans as the staple foods (the ones that supply the most calories) and may include meat, fish and dairy products in smaller amounts.

Our ancestors began to create nutritional problems when they found that they could store foods longer, make them easier to prepare and more tasty by removing the parts that spoiled quickest and eating only the starch, sugar or extracted oils.They discarded the minerals, vitamins, phytochemicals and omega-3 fatty acids that are found in the germ of seeds, creating serious deficiencies. We now have laws requiring some of these nutrients to be added back in to commercial flours, but that has only corrected the most obvious problems.

For most

Achieve Better Vision By Focusing

When it comes to maintaining healthier eyesight we rarely ever think that there is a connection between the eyes and the liver. The liver is described as the body’s filter system which eliminates impurities and toxins from the blood stream. If there is a continual buildup of toxins in our system, this can negatively affect the health of the liver. Additionally, this can cause problems in our visual system due to the fact that the liver provides fresh blood that nourishes and supplies the blood vessels of the eyes. Therefore, the liver and the eyes are connected.

Furthermore, If there are impurities and toxins in our blood stream, as a result of poor liver health, this can lead to the development of free radicals that cause damage to the organs and tissues in the body. Considering the fact that the body’s biological system is connective, blood circulation is not isolated to any particular part of the body. Therefore, poor blood circulation from the liver, contaminated with impurities and toxins, can lead to poor circulation to the blood vessels of the eyes and other areas of the visual system such as the Macular and

What One Man Did to Take Control of His Penile Function

Food is the fuel that keeps the body going. Everyone knows that. But some men are opting to take control of their penis health – not to mention their overall well-being – by making better choices about the foods they eat. In the following paragraphs, a man we will call “Liam” talks about his nutritional choices and their impact on his sex life.

Weight Loss Secrets

At the moment, Liam isn’t overweight at all – in fact, he seems to be in great shape. But that’s because he had a hard talk with his doctor a few years ago, and he made some pretty big changes.

“I went in for a routine physical, and my doctor told me I was about 100 pounds overweight. I knew I was heavy, of course,” Liam says. “But I couldn’t believe how far things had gone. I know being overweight is bad all around, but the doctor also told me that the extra weight I was packing around would make things work less efficiently down there. Then, after I read that abdominal fat could even make my dick look smaller, I

Health Diet High Protein Diet Info for Bodybuilders and Athletes

This diet is quite popular amongst the budding bodybuilders, sportsmen and athletes that abound in our gyms and on the playing fields. Due to the fact that protein is one of the most important nutrients for muscle development, our budding sport stars find that a HP diet looks to be the best option if they seriously want to build those extra muscles.

Does the high protein diet work to build muscles? – you ask.

While we all know that protein is essential to the building up of muscle, do we really need to put ourselves on a HP diet? Well the answer is pretty simple – YES and NO, our normal well balanced diet already consists of enough protein for muscle building, even for those looking to build muscle extensively.

So basically the jury is still out on as to whether we need to commit to a serious HP diet or not.

High protein diets tend to vary in the amount of protein that needs to be consumed on a daily basis – these can vary from.6 grams all the way up to 1.5

Health Diet Eat to Increase Your Brain Function

It is always important to stick to a healthy diet, this will give us a feeling of well-being and increase our energy levels as well. We all know that there are certain foods or drinks that can interfere with our brain function and cause loss of concentration and/or memory, but the real question here though is – are there foods out there that can increase our brain function which will result in better concentration? The answer is a resounding YES! to that question.

A) What are brain foods and how are they used?

The following nutrients are used by the brain:

* carbohydrates – for energy
* omega 3 – for formation of cell structure
* Vitamin B6, B12 and folic acid – these help manufacture and release a chemical [known as neurotransmitters]
* vitamin C, E and beta-carotene [rich in antioxidant properties] – protect brain cells from damage due to free-radicals found in environmental pollution

B) Brain Foods to eat and why

1) Spinach – this assists with age related problems [including decline in function] and may lessen damage from

Health Diet Heartburn and Indigestion

As a layman (non medical person) these two conditions often get taken as the same problem, this is not true, they are two separate problems with unique symptoms, treatments and cures.

Understanding the difference between heartburn and indigestion

Heartburn is a symptom [not a disease or condition] and can be caused by the following:

* eating chocolate, fatty or spicy foods, peppermints and acidic fruit/food
* eating to big a meal
* taking certain medications [certain meds have this as a side effect]
* gastroesophageal reflux disease – GERD
* hiatus hernia

Common symptoms of heartburn are as follows:

* sour taste – in the mouth which seems to creep up through the throat
* feeling of burning – near the breastbone in the center of the chest
* pain – located in your throat and/or neck

Indigestion [dyspepsia], is often the sign of other medical conditions and can be caused by:

* fatty or greasy foods
* foods high in spice
* eating too large a portion of food
* eating to fast

Diet to Reduce the Symptoms of Diverticular Disease

What is Diverticular Disease?

There are 3 different medical terms for this disease:

1) Diverticulosis
2) Diverticular disease
3) Diverticulitis

Diverticulosis – this is the term used to describe people with diverticula [small pouches that form outward on the weaker spots of the large intestine], these people do not show the normal signs of this disease and are only diagnosed with diverticulosis after they undergo tests or scans for some other medical problem.

Diverticular disease – named this as the diverticula are starting to cause chronic symptoms like bloating, wind, diarrhea and constipation.

Diverticulitis – this is the inflammation of the diverticula and is now causing chronic illness in the patient. The following are just a few examples of symptoms: nausea, vomiting, frequency in urination, change in bowel habits, fevers, abdominal pain [below belly button, moving to lower left] etc. These symptoms can come and go, so you may go for days without any discomfort at all.

Diet information

It is believed that a diet low in fibre is the main cause of this disease.

Diarrhea and Foods to Eat

Explaining Diarrhea

This is a condition than is known by the watery stools that are passed frequently by a patient with this problem. Most of the organs in the body secrete a form of liquid (which comes from our regular food and liquid intake), and this can be up to 10 liters per day. The diarrhea is generally due to a problem with absorption (caused by inflammation or infection) in the colon and/or lower intestine. Undigested food generally goes through the intestines in a liquid form and the excess liquid should be absorbed by the intestine or colon to form the stool into a more solid state.


There are basically two types of diarrhea, and they are known as acute (rapid onset with a short duration, lasting a few days or up to a week) or chronic (long-lasting – three weeks or more and can be recurrent). It is very important to get the diagnosis correct with these two problems as the causes differ, thus making the treatment different in each case.

A few examples of causes of acute diarrhea:

Health Benefits of the Acai Health

Acai Berry is an important source of energy and it also serves as a good weight loss medicine. The Acai Berry is major and important fruit which not only helps to reduce to lose weight but also serves in the metabolisms and other mechanisms of the body. It generates to build the energy level in the body and give a proper body shape.

Many people are scared to buy some products because it could cause some negative side effects but Acai Berry is a natures own gift which does not have any side effects and also it does not ruins our body. There are several antioxidants in our body which intends to fight against cancer and other diseases. Acai berry is an important and valuable medicine for the digestion purpose. It promotes a healthy digestive system since it contains a generous amount of fiber. It leads to cleanse the body waste and system of fatty foods.

Acai berry also serves to maintain the body’s muscle properly shaped and functioned. The amino acids contained in the Acai berry helps to burn the calories of our body more efficiently and it helps